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MY BOOTY-BUILDING DIET (an example of what I eat in a day)

This is what I will eat on a typical day.  Generally, I don’t like drinking 4-5 shakes a day, so i will try to get in as much protein as possible through other sources. However, if you don’t have time to prepare your food, shakes WILL do the job.  It’s very important to make sure that you are consuming sufficient protein each day.  My total calories in this example exceed my calculated needs (2413 calories) by around 40 calories, but it’s really not a big deal.  For those of you who are vegetarians, there are plenty of vegetarian sources of protein:         


2 Poached Eggs

2 whole wheat toasts

1/2 cup Apple Sauce

Calories: 668

(Protein: 28.8 grams Carbs: 100.8 grams Fat: 16 grams)


Premier Nutrition chocolate Protein Shake

1 cup of Green Grapes

Calories: 222 

(Protein: 31 grams Carbs: 21 grams Fat: 3 grams)


1 cup Broccoli, Steamed

1 cup Brown Rice (cooked)

1 cup Boiled chicken Breast

Calories: 475

(Protein: 47.51 grams Carbs: 57.2 grams Fat: 6.7 grams)


1 Banana

2 Kashi Whole Wheat Waffles


Calories: 569

(Protein: 17 grams Carbs: 107 grams Fat: 3 grams)


3/4 cup Shells Pasta with Marinara Sauce

Bread Roll

Calories: 303

(Protein: 2.4 grams Carbs: 57.6 grams Fat: 3 grams)


Baked Potato (no topings)

Gala Apple


(Protein: 3.3 grams Carbs: 50 grams Fat: 1.5 grams)


Calories: 2457

Protein: 130 grams (25%)

Carbs: 393.6 grams (65%)

Fat: 33.2 grams (13%)

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